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[2018-5-7 ]

Advanced Employee Yangzhou & Nanjing Two-Day Tour

       At the time of this spring, in order to enrich the corporate culture, to increase the employees' enthusiasm of work, to relax the work pressure, as well as to enriching employees' leisure life and to enhance their physical and mental health, our company organized a two-day’s tour of Yangzhou & Nanjing on April.20th,2018,  which cover all the 2017 advanced employees.
    “The weeping Yang continuously receives the remnant lotus, the wild goose tooth and the Hongqiao look like the picture.” The beautiful scenery of Slender West Lake in Yangzhou is enough beautiful, the landscape of Nanjing Presidential Palace and Confucius Temple follows. This excursion made these advanced employees feel happy out of the daily busy work and will ensure them invest themselves in a better state to the work condition in future.

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