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The nature and application of ordinary rubber

Types of rubber Main features Typical applications Remark
NR   Excellent elastic resilience,good abrasive resistance  Vehicle Tires、rubber shoes、rubber hose、adhesive tape,etc and industrial products. Widely-ranged applications
Isoprene rubber Steady and almost same characteristics to natural rubber  Applied to vehicle and airplane tires,can be replacement of NR tensile strength inferior to NR

Heat resistance to 
100 °C

Tires、rubber shoes、adhesive plaster、sports goods、mattress、battery cell case、adhesive tape,etc and industrial products general type and can be replacement of NR
BR Excellent resistance to low temperature and abrasion Vehicle and airplane tires、rubber shoes、shock-reducing rubber、rubber covered roller、adhesive tape、rubber hose、plastic modifier,etc. Same abrasive resistance with NR,but better resistance to low-temperature

Excellent heat-resisting
100 °C and resistance to ozone

Coated electric wire 、conveyer belt、shock-reducing rubber、panel strip of doors & windows、tackifier、adhesive plaster    Blend well with oil,and with excellent resistance to weather and ozone
Butyl rubber Excellent resistance to weather、oxygen、polar solvent .Good air-tightness Inner tube、vulcanized capsule、roofing materials、coated electric wire、panel strip of doors&windows、vapor rubber hose、heat resistance conveyor belt,etc Its bonding with metal can be improved after halogenation
NBR Excellent resistance 
120 °C to oil、abrasion、aging
Oil seal、gasket、oil-resistant rubber hose、printing roller、spinning and weaving belt roller,etc. Standard material of automotive industry
EPDM Excellent resistance to aging、ozone、polar solvent and best rubber with excellent electric performance Coated electric wire、automobile weather strip、panel strip of doors&windows、vapor rubber hose、conveyer belt,etc. universal type with well-functioning heat and weather resistance
Silicone rubber Great resistance to heat、low temperature、oil.Can be applied to the products with light color and purity Gland seal、gasket、oil seal、industrial rubber roller、shock-reducing rubber、Insulated products、surgical rubber goods 、putty、Embedding Material Good electrical performance 
Fluorous rubber Grear tolerance to heat and chemical The gland seals which used in rocket and missile are heat-resistant、oil-resistant、chemical resistant、Also applied to the corrosion resistant gland seal in chemical factory、dissepiment、tank lining、rubber hose、pump Applicable in the environment of high temperature、fuel oil and oil.
Urethane rubber Good tolerance to oil and excellent mechanical property Rubber covered roller、solid tyre、adhesive tape、high pressure gland seal、shaft coupling Can be made into micropore products
Polyacrylate rubber Good resistance to high temperature and oil(180°C) Seal components used in  Automotive transmission  The content of acrylonitrile is different according to the application
chlorosulfonated polyethylene Excellent resistance to aging、ozone、weather、chemical、abrasion Weather resistant、Corrosion Protective Properties of Coatings ,tank lining、outdoor adhesive plaster、Corrosion Protective Properties of gland seals、heat resistant、Corrosion Protective Properties of rubber covered roller Can keep good colour and lustre in the sun
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